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Specializing in ED, testosterone balancing, enlarged prostate issues, infertility and sexual dysfunctions.

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Independent Holistic Practitioner makes it comfortable, personal and easy to heal!
Discreet and confidential prostate healing services.
Let me guide you to awakening your energy flow! Let's get that blood circulating and turn on your cellular  & nerve regeneration.
Together we will manage your stress!

Heal and Detox Naturally with Tantra Massage & Raw Green Juices

Reverse Prostate Issues

and the dysfunctions that come along with it!
I offer massage, herbal teas, detox, alkaline meal plans and life coaching!

It is time to ALKALIZE!

Feel Like a Man Again!

Get on your path to reviving your energy and virility today!

No more waiting!

I offer a divine infrared steam 

therapy dome

to support flow to your 

prostate gland and sciatica area.
Become a better lover!
Boost your confidence!
A private and nurturing oasis awaits.

Why My Services Are Unique

Tantric Steam Massage, Prostate Healing and Plant-based Meal Plans

Let's get to the root of the issue! Many men who are stressed, tax their nervous system and endocrine glands.

Within the endocrine system comes the sacred nugget, the prostate gland. With the body so over-worked, hormones are very unbalanced and inflammation is at it's peak.

To address the stuck energy that causes an enlarged prostate, I provide a radiant heat therapy over the fatigued body. This supports a deeper lymphatic flush when I conduct my Tantric massage and deep tissue full body work.

The investment I have made to offer a 5 star experience is unparalleled.  

From the salt scrub and upscale healing space to the tempurpedic foam massage table, topped with my steam dome and loving therapeutic touch, you will feel the radiant healing almost immediately.

I conclude the healing journey with a raw juice to support the rejuvenation and cellular recovery.

If you are seeking an accelerated way to wellness, this prostate rejuvenation program will deliver!


What to Expect in Your Healing Session


Elegant Atmosphere

Clean private healing space offers a warm ambiance to surrender to. With organic candles, essential oils and relaxing music, you'll instantly quiet your mind and naturally melt into bliss and pamapering.

Private 5 Star Space

Addressing sexual dysfunction or prostate issues, shouldn't be anyones business, but yours. With ED, PE or DE being a sensitive subject, I respect my clients privacy and do NOT work out of a commercial spa. My Healing room is a private retreat in a NON-commercial space with private entrance.You will be the only guest for your reserved time. I do not do back to back healing. Quality NOT quantity!

Therapeutic Touch with Sacred Sensual Healing

Embrace a nurturing touch. While it's very normal to feel aroused when trigger point energy moves to certain reproductive areas, I direct that sensual electricity into a sacred emotional wave of purity.

Guiding you to purify that energy by transforming sexual fire into electric alkaline energy bringing cellular repair to the nerves and wholebody. This subsides that edge, allowing you to truly relax!

Integrating Tantra for Stamina Training

Breath work and a nurturing massage encourages your your blood to get moving. With ONE session you learn the art of stamina! Whether you apply your new skill to your daily workout routine or through intimacy with your partner, these methods I teach you will give you game changing tools to enhance your over life! 

Lymphatic Prostate Massage and Heat Therapy

Throughout the session, I apply radiant heat therapy to help warm up your prostate and colon area. With the combination of heat, deep tissue massage, sphincter exercises , stamina training and gentle light myofascial release   ,your prostate will receive waves of vibration to heal and nourish surrounding nerves. I flush out the toxins which at the same time it feels incredible pleasurable.

A Little of Everything Above is in Your Customized Session

I design your comprehensive healing package with a wide array of modalities. My goal is to stimulate your nervous system and endocrine glands to encourage a self-healing process to begin. It is only through moving the lymphatic system you can ultimately eliminate cellular waste (toxins). This gentle prostate detox helps nutrition absorption and immunity to boost. 

Tell me a little about you!

I custom design your healing package & share your rate options upon your free phone consult.

I love my clients, feel free to contact me anytime during business hours.
Available  Monday through Sunday!

Private Prostate Wellness & Infrared Massage

By Appointment only. Loacted at Barranca and Jamboree

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